Open for new clients

Just a quick note saying I’m open for new clients right now. Samples of my work are all over the blog. You can also view works on my website (which admittedly needs to be updated): or a large collection on my iFreelance profile.

Cover sketch for Helen Sander’s book The Last Tracker:


Friday Long Pose

Friday started out with a spectacular rain storm pounding on the roof. The clouds quickly broke and we had rapture-esque Maxfield Parish skies for the rest of the day.

Our Life Drawing Group┬ámet later for our monthly┬álong pose, I couldn’t get the model’s face for the life of me, so I ended up substituting a mask instead.

What I do when you’re not looking

Along with illustration, I also do graphic design and page layout.

I have the good fortune of being friends with Deb Lund, a truly wonderful author, teacher, poet and all around magnificent human being. Several years ago I helped her with her website, and today I’m working on a new activity guide for her in anticipation of her third Dinosaur book, DINOSOARING to be released in June.

If you’re not familiar with Deb’s books, I highly suggest getting a hold of them. The stories are a fun romp kids from preschool through adult can enjoy (I personally love them). Howard Fine‘s crazy illustrations work wonderfully with the story, and are just fun to look at!

If you are familiar with her books, DINOSOARING will be available June 19th, and you’ll be able to get activity guides from her (I think!) ­čÖé



Red was done for the SCBWI Master Class this past week. The assignment was to take a popular Grimm’s Fairy Tale and throw some sort of spin on it.

My initial thought was to do something completely different. I wanted to take one of the lesser known, but still popular tales and play with it. Much to my surprise there were many, many more Grimm’s Fairy tales than I had bargained for. After spending a couple of weeks in total gridlock, I had the idea of doing Little Red Riding Cap in a western setting. As I thought about the idea, a back story developed where-in the Wolf was a cattle rustler who terrorized the local farmers.

But what to do with Red? My first thought, quickly abandoned, was to have her red haired and freckled. Pixar is doing this with Brave, so I didn’t want to go that route. I tried her as an African-American. It didn’t work. Then, the idea of making her Apache came to mind. I’m part Apache, so it seemed a natural thing to do. But the web is very sparse on good reference material and I had to make do with what I could find.

So I set about building my ref sheet. (And, yes, that is an Adam Rex painting in the upper left. I was taken by the texture and over all feeling of it).


Red’s pose was inspired by the Apache girl in the lower left. Strong and defiant, but stuck in a situation that she can’t quite control. The girl next to her was kept as a reminder of a people┬ádispossessed.

From there, work started in earnest in between other projects. On the whole, I’m pleased with the spread, and while I briefly thought about expanding this into a full fledged picture book, I think that’s something that will have to wait for the time being.