Halloween V

Yesterday marked the fifth day of taking suggestions from my FB friends and fans on what to draw during my lunch hour. One of the suggestions was from a friend of mine, Conrad, who thought the idea of “The Thing that is Always Behind You” would make for good subject matter.

I had to agree with him. This one wasn’t as finished as I would have liked. Midway through, I ditched my initial concept and started fresh. This left me roughly a thirty minutes to do what I have been doing in sixty.

The Thing that is Always Behind You

Today, we’re going to do zombies. If you have a suggestion, pop over and leave a comment on my
FB art page!


Halloween IV

Yesterday’s Halloween Sketch suggestion was The Slender Man, suggested by Vali McDougal on Facebook. This one was a lot of fun, as I had never heard of the character.

For this one I wanted to create more of a spooky image, and I thought that emulating an old photograph with something unexpected would work best. I think at the end, I would have liked to have spent more time on it, but sticking to my self imposed rules, I only allowed one hour.

The Slender Man


During my lunch break, I’ve been soliciting suggestions on FB for Halloween Characters. I give myself 1 hour to do the illustration, and good or bad, it’s posted to my wall.

This was the first one from last week.

Halloween I :: The Headless Horseman

This is from today:

Halloween II :: La Llorona

And a couple of quick doodles from over the weekend